Mastiff Club of America – National Specialty

Tournament of Champions

Tournament of Champions Competition

Dogs entered in the MCOA Tournament of Champions must be owned or co‐owned by MCOA members/associate members in good standing only.

*In Good Standing – members and associate members that are not in a suspended status with AKC or MCOA.

The tournament is open to AKC and/or CKC (Canadian Kennel Club.) Champions of Record
only by the closing date for entries. Dogs entered in this competition must be eligible to
compete in AKC Dog Shows. There shall be no neutered dogs or spayed bitches allowed to
compete in this competition. Judging shall be based on overall soundness, quality of
movement and type as defined in the breed standard. Ideally judges chosen for Tournament
shall be a breeder, a professional handler and an AKC or Provisional judge. In the event of a
last-minute judge change, entrants that may have a potential conflict of interest may request
a refund of the entry fee. The judge also has the right to refuse to examine a dog if they feel
there is a conflict of interest.

All mastiffs enter the ring in numerical order and are checked in. Each dog will exit the ring.
The first set of three will enter the ring, one at a time and make an entire circle around the ring and stop at station 1, 2 and 3 after the first time around the ring.
The judges will be at three set stations in the ring for the hands-on examination. The mastiffs will move counter‐clockwise until all three judges have examined all three dogs. Each round of judging should be limited to three minutes a dog in total. Dogs will not be moved individually by a judge during hands on examination.
Complete the score sheet after each individual exam. The Score sheet will be handed over to the Tournament chairperson or designee.
When each dog in the trio has been examined by each judge, the dogs will be moved individually on a diagonal down and back. Finally, as a group they will be moved once around the ring and then exit.
Final scoring of the group is completed, judges will review the score sheet to be sure all areas are scored and hand them in.
Once scoring is completed the dogs are excused and need not remain for any additional judging.
The second group of three mastiffs enters the ring. This continues until all mastiffs have been examined.
The score sheets will be tallied.
The top ten qualifying mastiff scores will be announced ringside the next day after scores can be double checked.
Winners will be announced at the awards banquet and the score sheets will be mailed after the national specialty.


MCOA retains 50% of the entry fees to defray Specialty expenses.  The remainder of the entry fees to be divided as follows:
Tournament of Champions Winner: 25% cash award
First Runner-Up:  10% cash award
Second Runner-Up: 7.5% cash award
Third Runner-Up: 5% cash award
Fourth Runner-Up 2.5 Cash award