Mastiff Club of America – National Specialty

Pernille Ninn

Pernille Ninn

I am very happy and honored to be invited to participate in the judging at the MCOA National Specialty 2022. Looking forward to look at the Mastiffs in Futurity and Maturity.

More than half of my life has been spent in the company of Mastiffs. My husband and I were so lucky as to buy a Mastiff here in Denmark in 1985.
As a matter of fact, our interest in the breed dates some years back, where my husband had met mastiffs in Germany/Berlin. He became very impressed, had some pictures taken, and afterwards we searched for more information on the breed, which only persuaded us even more to get to know the breed. But it was easier said than done since the number of Mastiffs were quite few in Denmark as well as in the surrounding countries.

When our first Mastiff moved in with us, my journey into Mastiff life began for real – a journey which has brought us far and wide and provided us with numerous experiences of many sorts, most of them good.

Over the years, we have had at least two Mastiffs and on and off, we have had up till 6 Mastiffs – mostly males. Our kennel name is Adderley, under which we have bred a few litters. The best result from our own litters is our male: Adderley’s Make My Day and the bitch, Adderley’s A Lot Like Love, who became World Winner back in 2010. Her mother was an import from the US (Caledonia Last Plane to Memphis), while her father was an import from England (Santmichel Zidane).

The Mastiffs have brought us around the world in every sense of the word: we have visited many shows, but also brought back Mastiffs to our house. In that connection, we have formed close friendships in many countries, which we value a lot. Speaking of shows, we visited the US for the first time in 2006 at the National in Denver, and many times since then, we have also visited the US. We have always been received with much kindness and helpful people, for which we are very thankful.

In the Danish Mastiff Club, I have been the member of The Committee for a number of years, and I have witnessed the stable growth of the club, which is very pleasing. In 2020 our Danish Mastiff Club celebrates the 25th anniversary. But as you know corona/Covid19 made all plan changed. In 2020 Diane Collings should have judge the show, but everything was impossible and all planning needed to change. We still hope to see Diane judging in Denmark in the future.

Over the years, I have paid much attention to looking for the right type of Mastiff, and also paid attention to the movements of this heavy breed. Both are central issues in breeding and in showing. Amongst the thousands of Mastiffs, I have seen, there is much variation of course – variation which can be seen from one country to another. I am obviously excited about seeing precisely those dogs, who are present here in 2022, and I will do my utmost to be a part of the judging.

Once again – thanks for inviting me, and I wish you all a wonderful show.


Kind regards

Pernille Ninn