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Mastiff Olympics Signup

Mastiff Olympics 2022

Come. Sit. Play.

It’s going to be a PAW-TY!

Join us for a fun event for the pups of all ages. Mastiff Olympics allows the

dogs to have fun with their owners during this stressful week!

Games to take place

● Longest Slinger: What mastiffs do best! Lets see who can work up the best

spit slinger!

● Temptation Lane: Sit and come recall will be helpful. Toys & treats will be

placed between dog and owner. How much does your mastiff REALLY love


● Picky Eater: Easy to difficult levels of food your pup will have to complete

eating only off the given plate!

● Longest tail wag: Owners this will require more work from you! What will

get that tail going and for how long???

● Lights out: Which mastiff can handle their head being under a towel in the

dark the longest? Spooky!

We will conclude with the best trick with a group vote! We all work

hard for the fun things!

This event is open to everyone that wants to have fun with their dog. Each event will be scored and prizes awarded! No prior Mastiff Olympic experience is required. The only requirement will be to plan to have fun with your dog! This event is open to all ages of dogs (puppy‐veteran).
Events will be posted prior to competition.
A prize will be given for the overall high score!
See you at the Olympics!