2021 MCOA National Specialty

Jennifer Lambden


I’ve loved dogs my entire life and have had the wonderful opportunity to be loved by mastiffs for over seventeen years now. I have been an MCOA member since 2004. I am currently the chairperson for the MCOA Working Dog Committee, and have been a member for that committee for around thirteen years. I was the Corresponding Secretary for the MCOA for two terms, 2010-2014, and I have been the CastleKeeper editor since 2015.

I have competed in conformation, obedience, rally, and drafting/carting with my mastiffs. I have judged drafting at several specialties and at the LSMF supported entry, and offered working dog seminars in obedience and drafting/carting at specialties. I was told that my Brianna was the first mastiff to ever receive the MCOA Open Draft Dog title!

I love the working dog activities and the opportunity to work with your dog as a team. I want more MCOA members to get involved in working dog events so they can see how much fun it can be!