Mastiff Club of America – National Specialty

Health Testing General Information

The Health Committee will once again offer a health education table with the Ways and Means Table at the 2024 National, be sure to stop by and say hi.  We have handouts for breeders and pet owners with common health conditions as well as the recommended health testing and information on labs OFA.  


The MCOA Health Committee will be having an annual clinic. Pre-registration is not required but it is helpful for planning purposes to let us know that you will be coming via the Specialty website

Questions and Sign Up

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mary DeLisa directly.





$55 Cystinuria DNA (regular $65)

$50 Cystinuria Urine (regular $55)

$40 AKC DNA Profile (regular $50)  

$30 AKC Reunite Microchips (Lifetime registration)


Satellite Clinic Information

UPenn will once again be offering a satellite clinic for those that cannot attend to take advantage of the annual discount offered at the Specialty. You must create an account and add your dog prior to mailing your dog’s samples.


General DNA Testing (CMR, PRA, DM plus others) is offered via Optimal Selection (15% off) and Orivet ($70)

Cystinuria (Type 3) Testing

DNA and Urine Nitroprusside Tests

We will have sample collection material at the show but you MUST log on the UPenn, to enter your dog order your test(s), and PRINT your paperwork before you come as it must be included with your sample(s).  

Cost: $55DNA ($65 regular) $50 Urine Nitroprusside ($55 regular). 


You will receive an email when your sample is completed and an invoice to pay.  After your payment is processed they email your results. Discount Code: “MCOA2024” is valid for ALL samples received in the month of May, if you would like to submit samples from home.

Questions Contact Mary DeLisa 303.929.5529 

Log on in or create account:


1. Complete/Update Owner Information

2. Add/Update Dogs Information (upper right corner)

3. Select/highlight (the right side of the screen) the dog you want to create a test for then click the “Create Submission” button (bottom left). In the Comment box, put the discount code: MCOA2024 and well as any other pertinent information. 

4. Use the “Test Type” drop down to select the test, note only one test can be added at a time and the discount price will not be reflected until you receive your invoice.

5. Create Submission and Proceed to Sending Instructions

6. You will print this page and bring it with you to the clinic, sending a pedigree is helpful to UPenn but not required (repeat steps 3-5 is you are doing more than one test)

Optimal Selection is a member of Mars Petcare’s Wisdom Health business unit, they are committed to excellence, integrity and continued research to discover genetic markers for important inherited diseases in dogs. The test includes CMR, PRA and DM (plus others) as well as traits such as coat length. The MCOA 15% discount code is MastiffCOA Note: the normal price of testing is $129.99 which makes it $110.49


The Optimal Selection™ Canine Genetic Breeding Analysis link.

MyDogDNA for the overseas members 

Orivet Genetic Pet Care is a leading genetic testing organization offering an extensive range of genetic services to Breeders, Veterinarians, and Pet Owners worldwide. Orivet has developed internationally recognized protocols and programs for member bodies, breed clubs, and associations. They are a well-established DNA lab in Australia and New Zealand that is now promoting their USA Lab. They are an OFA-approved lab for results. The breed profile includes CMR, PRA, and DM (plus others) as well as traits such as coat length.

Club members will have to choose the club from their accounts to get the discount, Mastiff Club of America. You will be asked for a membership number, but in its place, they can just pop in their email or phone number. I have included a screenshot to assist. The breed panel’s normal price is $129.99 they are offering the panel for club members for $70. Which is more than 50% off. Note they are also offering DNA profile reports for $30.  This does NOT replace/substitute the AKC DNA Profile but may give you an option for faster results than AKC.

The Orivet breed panel link for ALL members is:



The results are not automatically reported to OFA. When the report is ready, each person can elect to submit their results to OFA and would need to send payment directly to them along with the test results. Using the OFA DNA form. OFA has moved to an online system that is very quick and easy to use. You will select DNA Based Genetic Disease, and follow the prompts

To facilitate the submission of results to the OFA, both companies have the applicable mastiff results on one page. Once you print your report or generate a .pdf file of the report that includes only the selected test result(s), DM, PRA, and CMR.

You will submit the OFA submission form, the results, and your payment for recording with the OFA. Be sure to list the names of only the tests you want recorded on the form.