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Health Committee Health Clinic

Health Committee Health Clinic

The MCOA Health Committee will be offering a discount health clinic. May 19 from 10AM-12PM. To pre-register for your time slot please complete the form below. 

Cystinuria (Type 3) Testing

DNA and Urine Nitroprusside Tests

We will have sample collection material at the show but you MUST log on the UPenn, to enter your dog and order your test(s) and PRINT your paperwork before you come as it must be included with your sample(s).  Cost: $50.00 DNA ($65 regular) $45 Urine Nitroprusside ($55 regular). You will receive an email when your sample is completed and an invoice to pay.  After your payment is processed they email your results. Discount Code is valid for ALL samples received May 16-28, if you would like to participate in the clinic at home.

Questions Contact Mary DeLisa 303.929.5529 

Log on in or create account:


1. Complete/Update Owner Information

2. Add/Update Dogs Information (upper right corner)

3. Select/highlight (the right side of the screen) the dog you want to create a test for then click the “Create Submission” button (bottom left). In the Comment box, put the discount code that will be published in May as well as any other pertinent information. 

4. Use the “Test Type” drop down to select the test, note only one test can be added at a time and the discount price will not be reflected until you receive your invoice.

5. Create Submission and Proceed to Sending Instructions

6. You will print this page and bring it with you to the clinic, sending a pedigree is helpful to UPenn but not required (repeat steps 3-5 is you are doing more than one test)

More information on AKC DNA Proflies
More information on AKC Reunite Microchips
We are also offering 
Optimal Selection, is a DNA test that includes (PRA, CMR,. DM, and fluffy) 
They mail you swabs to your house and will be performed at your house and you will mail it back to Optimal Selection.  We are pleased that they are offering the Mastiff Club of America members a 15% discount on all DNA kits for the remaining 2022!!!!! 
Using the link provided, add the kit to your cart, enter discount code and hit apply before ordering (make sure discount is reflected. 

Enter the discount code:  MastiffCOA