2021 MCOA National Specialty

Eduardo Barrios Gomez

I come down from a family that for generations one of its main activities has been the raising of cattle, sheep and horses. Dogs were always present at both my grandparents’ houses and ours. When I was two years old (1969) my father got us our first Bullmastiff, a breed I was raised with until my last one passed away in 1985. Growing up I also had a Spanish Mastiff, a Weimaraner, a Samoyed, a Cocker Spaniel and a Lhasa Apso. In 1983 my Bullmastiff was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and my father asks me to find another one to keep him company. I started to search for it, but Bullmastiffs were very rare and scarce in Mexico (and still are), but I came across and add in the newspaper about a litter of Mastiffs, so I called and ended up buying the whole litter. I kept the two females and placed the males. They were of Indian Raid blood.

A few years later, I bought a fabulous female from whom in time became a very dear friend, Tobin Jackson from Deer Run Kennels. In early 1999 I traveled to the Greiner Hall kennels and brought back into Mexico the first Greiner Hall mastiffs – 2 females and a male. I kept the male and the 2 females went on to two friends. As the years passed, I introduced more dogs, now from Silver Mastiffs, Zee B’s and another one from Deer Run Kennels. When Tobin came down ill and had to return to his family in the USA, he left me his last two dogs.

In 1997 a male I had bred two years before has an incredible success in the ring and becomes the #1 All Breeds Dog in Mexico and earns the right to represent Mexico the following year (1998) at the World Dog Show at Helsinki, Finland, were he won Best of Breed all four days and became that year’s World Champion.

From 1986 to 1999 I was a guest lecturer at the Veterinary Faculty of Mexico’s National University (UNAM) on the molosser breeds. In 1995 I take the course to become a ring steward and in 1997 the test to become a judge.

After a long voluntary retirement from breeding and showing – not from having Mastiffs at my house – in 2014 a dear cousin, Dr. L.A. Lecanda, who also had had Mastiffs for many years convinces me to join efforts and return to showing and breeding. Unfortunately, my last dog had already passed away a couple years before and so we embark in the task of searching for new stock. That’s how after a year’s research we acquired two females in the USA, a male in Germany and our second male a year later from Australia.

In 2016 while attending the second ever Breed Support Entry, the president of the Mexican Kennel Club approaches me and manifests his interest for the KC to hold the first ever Mastiff National Specialty to be held in September of 2017, unfortunately on the date for the Specialty an earthquake hits Mexico City and the Specialty was understandably temporarily canceled and moved to a later date, April 30th. 2018.

My current goal besides starting to breed again is to educate fellow breeders from Latin America in the need and convenience to test our dogs for the genetic diseases for which tests are now available.