2021 MCOA National Specialty

Chris Murphy

For those who may not know me, I am Chris Murphy of Lazarus Mastiffs.  Lazarus is located in central Kentucky.  I have been very fortunate in the sport of dogs and most of that fortune was due to a young start and an early mentorship by the Napotniks of Greiner Hall Mastiffs.  

  All my knowledge of this magnificent breed stems from the Napotniks willingness to teach me early on.  All successes I have enjoyed comes from carrying on their breeding ideals.  That program was founded on the old Hollesley bloodlines from the UK and Tamarack Mastiffs here in the U.S.  So while my program itself has been around for 20 years, it’s origin can be traced back to 40 years of linebreeding and beyond. 

  While I am quite proud of the multiple specialty wins my dogs have earned with limited showing, I consider the people I have mentored and the kennels I have helped get off the ground to be my greatest  accomplishments.  

  Those kennels include Toadhall Mastiffs of New Zealand, Sovereign and Immanis Mastiffs here in the US, Claviger Mastiffs in Canada and a few other up and coming kennels to watch for in the future.  

  I consider the friendships made over the years as my greatest contribution to the breed.  While the end goal may be a fine specimen of the breed,  those specimens do not exist without the people involved.  We must remember this is a sport and a team of friends will always have a greater impact on the breed than any one individual, regardless of individual accomplishments.