2021 MCOA National Specialty

Chris Jones

Hello, my name is Chris Jones. I live in Maple Park, IL and have been involved with the sport of pure bred dogs for 40 years. Technically, I guess, it’s a little more than “been involved”. It’s the air I breath- the way I live! Because of dogs, I earn a living. Because of dogs, I met my husband, Tim Plezbert and because of dogs, I was able to share many precious moments with my late mother Patricia (Pat) Jones.

I have bred Mastiffs with my husband Tim for 27 years and been an MCOA member since 2000.

I have been   an all breed professional handler for 31 years and a Breeder of Papillons for 35 years! I have been a breeder, owner, handler of multiple Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show Papillons as well as a breeder, owner and handler of a multiple Best in Show and multiple Best in Specialty Show winning  Mastiff.

I couldn’t imagine my life without this wonderful sport. Quality and consistency are hallmarks of our breeding philosophies and I look forward to evaluating that in this competition. Good luck to everyone!