Mastiff Club of America – National Specialty


Dolly Moore

Dolly Moore BIOGRAPHY Thank you for the honor of being a Breeder’s Cup Judge for the 2022 MCOA National Specialty Show! Breeder’s Cup is my favorite MCOA event and I am thrilled to be asked to judge it in particular. Each beautiful Mastiff, correct in mind and body, is truly a product of the dedication […]

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Mary DeLisa

Mary DeLisa BIOGRAPHY Thank you for the great honor to judge Tournament of Champions, best of luck to everyone! My love for purebred dogs began when I was 5 when we got the first of many AKC registered Pugs. Since that day I have always had a pug in my life. Growing up, dogs were

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Anita Sanders

Anita Sanders BIOGRAPHY My husband, Ric, and I live in Republic, Washington and are home to Rainy Days Mastiffs. I began my love affair with Mastiffs with Autumn, a puppy that I brought home as a companion dog and gift for my husband. I believe that every dog has something to teach, and Autumn had

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Teresa Campbell

Teresa Campbell BIOGRAPHY  I have been involved in dog showing since 1987 and acquired my first American Cocker Spaniel in 1988. I exhibited and bred American Cocker Spaniels for a few years before finding the Chinese Crested when they were reintroduced into AKC in 1991 .  I am proud to say I have numerous Champions

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Jennifer Lambden

Jennifer Lambden BIOGRAPHY I’ve loved dogs my entire life and have had the wonderful opportunity to be loved by mastiffs for over nineteen years now.  I have been an MCOA member since 2004.  I am currently the chairperson for the MCOA Working Dog Committee, and have been a member for that committee for around fifteen

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Pernille Ninn

Pernille Ninn BIOGRAPHY I am very happy and honored to be invited to participate in the judging at the MCOA National Specialty 2022. Looking forward to look at the Mastiffs in Futurity and Maturity. More than half of my life has been spent in the company of Mastiffs. My husband and I were so lucky

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Elizabeth Salewsky

Elizabeth Salewsky BIOGRAPHY Thankyou for selecting to judge the tournament of champions! I grew up in the dog show world, as my parents were breeders of Saint Bernards including the infamous “Ben”. It wasn’t until after high-school I took the plunge in the sport of confirmation. In 2004, I started working for professional handler Nina

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Pam Gilley

Pam Gilley BIOGRAPHY I’m thrilled to be part of this yeas Breeders Cup Judges trio! Breeders Cup is animportant part of every National, as it showcases our breeders efforts!I have been active in the Mastiff breed since 1986, when I won my first National. Iactually handled my first Mastiff in 1984!Breeding under the Iron Hills

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Sherry Brown

Sherry Brown BIOGRAPHY It is such an honor to be judging at our regional specialty. My mother started my loveaffair with this magnificent breed and founded Windhaven Mastiffs when I was 11 backin 1969. I have not been without a mastiff, even while serving in the USAF, since. Wewere not prolific breeders but produced many

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Russ Hornfisher

Russ Hornfisher BIOGRAPHY Over thirty years ago I attended dog shows as a reluctant participant. I went onlyto watch my wife show. When I attended, I read the paper or propped open mybriefcase and worked, paying attention to the ring only when my wife wasexhibiting. It was a very unlikely that I would ever develop

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