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Draft Testing

Draft Test Regulations The MCOA Draft Test is a series of exercises designed to demonstrate the abilities of purebred mastiffs in a land work capacity. The performance of these skills is intended to demonstrate teamwork between dog and handler resulting from both natural ability, and training that is applicable to realistic work situations. Dogs must

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Parade of Title Holders

The Parade of Titleholders is an annual event in which ANY Mastiffs holding ANY titles are invited to order a rosette below, and participate. The rosette your dog will receive will have your Mastiff’s AKC name and titles on it) and you and your dog will be presented in the show ring for an opportunity

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AKC Fast Cat Testing

Sure, you think your dog is fast. But have you ever wondered how fast? Can your dog outrun Usain Bolt, who has been called the fastest runner in the world? He just might: Usain’s fastest time has been clocked at almost 28 mph – yet dogs have been known to reach speeds of 35-45 mph. Well, you

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Obedience & Rally

The following applies to each Obedience Trial and Rally Trial:In Obedience & Rally classes requiring jumps, entries must include dog’s jump heightQualifying score required for all prizes in Regular & Optional Titling Classes. “Dog” means either sex. Transfers will be allowed at these trials per AKC Regulations. PLEASE NOTE: Obedience and Rally trial entry fees

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National Futurity/Maturity Stake Rules Updated Jan 2019PURPOSEThe purpose of the MCOA Futurity and Maturity is to encourage the breeding of the best possible Mastiffs, reward diligent MCOA breeders for their efforts, recognize the owners for selecting the best quality puppies from responsible breeders, and reward the owners and breeders for raising and developing the inherited

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Tournament of Champions

Tournament of Champions Competition Dogs entered in the MCOA Tournament of Champions must be owned or co‐owned by MCOA members/associate members in good standing only. *In Good Standing – members and associate members that are not in a suspended status with AKC or MCOA. The tournament is open to AKC and/or CKC (Canadian Kennel Club.)

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