2021 MCOA National Specialty

Bernard LeCourtois


I am a professional French horse breeder far show Jumping and eventing horses, living at my stud farm in Normandy in the village of Brullernail which is also the kennel name of our dogs. I have had several horses competing in the Olympic Games (Beijing 2008) and World Equestrian Games including a silver medalist in Lexington, US. 2010 and bronze in Tryon, US. 2018 along with matry French champions. And I was President of the Selle Francais horse breeding association (Stubook SF). 

The first dog I owned when I was a teenager was a Boxer. I had my first Mastiff, Bambou, in 1986 and I bred my first Mastiff litter in 1990. Since 2000 we have had a litter of pups about every 18 months. I have imported two Mastiffs from the USA in 2006 & 2017 and also frozen semen to improve our Mastiff selection from several American stud dogs after having travelled to meet breeders and see their dogs throughout the US. 

I own or have bred 3 World Winners in 2003, 2008 & 2015 and one European Winner in 2011. Our Mastiffs have won the BOB twice and the BOS once at CRUFTS in 2007, 2012 & 2015 and we have bred numerous International champions regularly showing our dogs ourselves all over Europe. 

Our kennel has been the top Mastiff Breeder in France 12 times in the past 15 years. 

I also breed and show Cairn terriers who share our life and home with our 8 Mastiffs. 

I am a FCIJudge for MASTIFFF and BULLMASTIFF and SCC Judge for Newfoundland, Land.seer and Dogue de Bordeaux. 

I have already come several times to see the MCOA National Specialty in the past but this will be my first time to Judge a show in the US and I am absolutely thrilled. 

Thank you for the opportunity of asking me to Judge our beautiful breed this year in 2020. 

I wish everyone success and may the best dog win. 

Yours Faithfully,
Bernard Pierre Le Courtois