MCOA National Specialty

2023 Show Committees

Primary Show Contacts 

  • Marty Hancock, Show Chair 
  • Amy Tye, Co-Chair 
  • Toni Hyland, Show Secretary 
  • Mary Speer, Obedience/Rally Chair 
  • Jay Dietz, Chief Ring Steward 
  • Joe Tye, Emergency Procedures 
  • Paul Bass, Announcer 
  •  Patty Vargas, Armbands 
  • Tim Plezbert, Audio Visual 
  • Maria Ruoto, ATT and Catalog Ads
  • Heather Moore, Catalog Onsite 
  • Jaye Berning, Financials 
  • Keith Henderson, Grounds 
  • Allison Wyks, Logo Wear 
  • Elise Stone, Reserved Seating 
  • Lorrie Loomis, Ribbons 
  • Dick Greaver and Bob Weseloh, RV Parking 
  • Lorrie Loomis, Trophies  

Special Events Contacts  

  • Karin Weseloh, Banquet
  • Celeste Guerrero, Health Clinic
  • Shari Semelroth, Raffles 
  • Shana Stevens, Welcome Bags 
  • Julie Kriebs, Futurity/Maturity 
  • Callie Caoua, National Specialty Website & Junior Handlers 
  • Tina Woods, Club Webite 
  • Mary DeLisa, Health 
  • Jessica Watson, Judges’ Education
  • Toni Hyland and Cynthia Stewart, Members’ Education
  • Lisa Simons, RFI 
  • Jennifer Lambden, CGC, CGCA, Carting
  • Christi Henderson, Hospitality
  • Becky Campbell, Judges Hospitality 
  •  Tara Gray, Vendors